August 18, 2004

Content versus looks, function versus form

Seth Godin has an interesting web log entry about whether the content of a message matters more than what it looks like.

The gist of his entry is this: In today's information overload society, what the message looks like matters a lot. Because if it doesn't blow your socks off, doesn't stick with you, doesn't hit you like a ton of bricks ... you're not going to want to read the content.

This "content versus looks" debate isn't just about advertising, or packaging for product on a shelf at Walmart, or slides for a presentation. This also has direct relevance to how you present yourself during a job interview, or how you sell your boss on your ideas at work.

As Tom Peters likes to say, it's all about WOW projects. If your hiring prospect doesn't go "WOW" after you are done telling them what you've worked on, you're toast. Because someone else might just come through the door and blow them away after your interview (or someone might just have done that before your interview).

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