June 02, 2004

Seth and benchmarking

Seth Godin is the best marketing guru ever, at least as far as I'm concerned. His ideas are brilliant, and his writing is clear and to the point. I would recommend everyone to read his short but great books, on re-inventing marketing in this age of information overfeed.

He hits the nail right on the head with his latest blog entry. He writes about how easy it is to compare ourselves with others or be compared with others by our customers. And how it is imposible to live up to the level of self- or customer-driven-scrutiny that this ease of benchmarking produces.

The game is not how to be the best ever at everything every day, he says. The game is, what is that one quality in my product I can polish to the best sheen and finish, to make my product or service noticed and remarked upon, to become part of the viral marketing meme for as long as I can ride it until my next product rev or whole new product with a remarkable quality? At least I think that's the way the game is supposed to go. :-)

Clearly, the limited scope of the question makes it easier to attain that buzz worthy status in the purchasing/committing decisions of the world (committing decisions vs purchasing decisions: buying and selling is not all about money; Red Cross needs to attract volunteers and donors, etc, with WOW too, if they want to remain a relevant organization in the public's eye).

But is that a challenging question or what? It can be as complicated to pull off as trying to please everyone (including oneself) all the time.

PJ Cabrera
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Posted by pjcabrera at June 2, 2004 07:10 PM