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Updates, upgrades …

I hadn’t realized so much time had passed since my last post. Mea culpa, I haven’t made time for new content. I’d been working my butt off and hanging out in Guild Wars to relax. My apologies to my faithful … Continue reading

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Another seamless upgrade, and visitor comments.

I upgraded to WordPress 2.0.4 in thirty seconds, just a few minutes ago. After login in as administrator and deactivating my plugins, those thirty seconds included SSHing in to my server and running this: #making an in-server backup in folder … Continue reading

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Ongoing tuning at Ongoing, and a personal challenge

I enjoy Tim Bray’s writing at his weblog, titled Ongoing. I began reading in late 2001, and I was hooked by his digital photography, his excellent writing, and his deep analysis of technical and cultural trends. His series on multi-core, … Continue reading

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