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Gearing up for an exciting 2007

In the months ahead, I will be making use of this weblog to discuss software development technologies and processes I’ve learned to use in my ten-year career. I will most likely be writing about web technologies and web services, and … Continue reading

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A look back before going forward

This last Thursday, December 7, I finished my latest paying consulting gig. And I have nothing lined up for the next few weeks. This will give me time to do a few things I had planned for and my … Continue reading

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Updates, upgrades …

I hadn’t realized so much time had passed since my last post. Mea culpa, I haven’t made time for new content. I’d been working my butt off and hanging out in Guild Wars to relax. My apologies to my faithful … Continue reading

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No more Thing A Week?

I just noticed my weekly $1 USD donation to Jonathan Coulton’s Thing A Week has been cancelled. I pay attention to all my Paypal notifications, 1) to catch any phishing attempts, 2) to make sure I really did buy what … Continue reading

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Another seamless upgrade, and visitor comments.

I upgraded to WordPress 2.0.4 in thirty seconds, just a few minutes ago. After login in as administrator and deactivating my plugins, those thirty seconds included SSHing in to my server and running this: #making an in-server backup in folder … Continue reading

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Google Juice Fiends

Over the last month, I’ve been doing some late late night web work for free for some old college friends. Emphasis on old, ha ha! Hi Nads! Hi Erin! These friends have been wonderful to me through the years, taking … Continue reading

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They Might Be Giants Podcast

I just discovered today, that They Might Be Giants has a podcast! I’m way late in discovering this, as the first episode was from the summer of 2005. They have released three episodes so far. I don’t know how often … Continue reading

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My Changing Attitudes in Media Choices

I have been listening to podcasts and watching videoblogs since September 2004. As the first podcasts and videoblogs improved the value in their content, I started to see a trend in myself. I stopped listening to the radio. I stopped … Continue reading

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Ongoing tuning at Ongoing, and a personal challenge

I enjoy Tim Bray’s writing at his weblog, titled Ongoing. I began reading in late 2001, and I was hooked by his digital photography, his excellent writing, and his deep analysis of technical and cultural trends. His series on multi-core, … Continue reading

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