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On Friday, April 11, 2008, I went to see Rush open their 2008 Snakes and Arrows concert tour at Coliseo de Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR. I had an awesome time with my pals Alejandro, Cesar and Kevin. We were seated about six rows from the stage.

There were a couple of guys from the Philadelphia suburbs right next to us. Some guy from Dallas, TX was two rows ahead of us, and was stranded in PR because of the American Airlines fiasco.

The concert was awesome, three hours of great live music. Truly the best live performance I’ve seen in ages. There was a six minute drum solo by Neil Peart, that was just amazing.

I took my iPhone to use as a camera, knowing digital cameras per se were not allowed. I used an iPhone application called Snapture. This great little app is made for “jailbroken” iPhones. That is, iPhones that have been modified to load and run applications not “blessed” by Apple.

You’ll notice that some pictures are blurry/shakey, followed by two steady, clear ones. Snapture has an optional feature where it takes three pictures within a second or so of each other. This helps you steady the phone and get at least one clear shot.

I took 1426 photos. Yeah, that’s right, 1426 photos. I did this by using the 3-consecutive-shots feature of Snapture, pushing the volume button to trigger the photo capture twice per minute or so.

Set 1 of photos is here.

Set 2 of photos is here.

Each ZIP file contains 713 photos and is less than 260MB.

The pictures I’m uploading are totally unprocessed. They’re right off of the iPhone at 1600×1200 resolution.

I started deleting blurry pictures, and pictures where the stage was too dark or too bright and lacking contrast. But there are so many pictures to go through, I eventually decided not to bother.

The last 250+ pictures are in black and white. I think my finger slipped at some point, and I touched one of Snapture’s on-screen controls. Sorry about that!

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3 Responses to Rush Concert Photos

  1. s says:

    Wow, PJ,

    Snapture can’t be more perfect for people like you. If you like what we’re doing now, just wait until you see what we have planned for you guys in the near future. Keep following us, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

    Thanks for your support!!


  2. Thanks, Snapture dudes! I’ll keep an eye out for exciting stuff!

  3. Al says:

    Hey PJ,

    We had a great time. The pics are better than I imagined, great resolution. It’s funny the Snapture team commented on this topic, impressive. I bet Snapture will be even more great next time around. Let’s see where we will meet next time.


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