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Slight change of plans

Before 2006 ended, I wrote a post here, where I mentioned I was going to be dividing my workday into three five-hour shifts. During the day, I planned to spend five hours writing for an online technical website, another five … Continue reading

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autossh and screen for remote login peace of mind

Unix server administrators everywhere are probably too familiar with connection timeouts when administering remote servers. There you are, dutifully editing that configuration file, when suddenly your text editor no longer responds to your cursor keys. A dozen seconds later or … Continue reading

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Gearing up for an exciting 2007

In the months ahead, I will be making use of this weblog to discuss software development technologies and processes I’ve learned to use in my ten-year career. I will most likely be writing about web technologies and web services, and … Continue reading

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New theme? Maybe yes, maybe no…

Google’s cache and two browser tabs will probably help you figure it out. 😀

(Just this once, I’ll break my rule about excerpts in RSS. Come to the site of you really want to see the “new theme”. LOL) Continue reading

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Which Superhero am I?

Everybody seems to be doing these. Your results: You are Spider-Man Spider-Man 100% Superman 75% The Flash 75% Supergirl 72% Robin 70% Hulk 70% Green Lantern 65% Iron Man 60% Catwoman 55% Batman 55% Wonder Woman 47% You are intelligent, … Continue reading

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Which Supervillain am I, you ask?

Your results: You are Dr. Doom Dr. Doom 72% The Joker 65% Apocalypse 65% Lex Luthor 63% Dark Phoenix 63% Green Goblin 63% Juggernaut 55% Riddler 50% Poison Ivy 50% Mr. Freeze 48% Magneto 46% Kingpin 38% Catwoman 36% Mystique … Continue reading

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