Cleared out some drafts I never published. :-)

It seems I had written out some silly stuff using the WordPress web UI in the last few months. I typically post from MarsEdit, a great weblog post editor, by the same developer as my favorite feed reader, NetNewsWire. I guess I entered the posts, got distracted, and forgot about them after some days. They don’t show up in my drafts folder in MarsEdit. So I only saw them now that I came to admin the weblog, clean out the Akismet spam, reorganize my catetories, etc.

The “content”, as it was, wasn’t all that important, so no harm done. Anyhow, they’ve been pushed out to the blog, whereabouts when I think I entered them in.

About dreadpiratepj

I have been goofing around with computers since May 1978, when I was about seven years old. For the past decade, I've even managed to have people pay me for this! Suckers! :-)
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