Slight change of plans

Before 2006 ended, I wrote a post here, where I mentioned I was going to be dividing my workday into three five-hour shifts. During the day, I planned to spend five hours writing for an online technical website, another five hours trying to get a part-time gig with through their paid trials, and another five hours working on pjtrix-related stuff.

After a week of the New Year, I can tell you that’s not gonna work. There simply aren’t enough hours in a 24-hour day to work three five-hour shifts and take care of the stuff one has to do day to day outside of work. This is so even though I work from home and don’t have a commute. Not unless I sleep less than six hours, which isn’t happening. I should be sleeping more than six hours, not less.

So the new plan is to divide the work day into two five-hour shifts, one shift for technical writing, and another for After accounting for all the stuff one has to do in a day outside of work, this leaves me with more than two hours each day for pjtrix-related stuff. But on Saturday and Sunday, I will usually have about six hours each day for pjtrix-related stuff. That’s not bad.

So I hope with these changes, pjtrix will continue moving forward, without anything important being neglected on the home front.

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I have been goofing around with computers since May 1978, when I was about seven years old. For the past decade, I've even managed to have people pay me for this! Suckers! :-)
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