New theme? Maybe yes, maybe no…

Google’s cache and two browser tabs will probably help you figure it out. 😀

First, I went to Flickr’s Creative Commons archive and grabbed an image that was licensed Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. Second, I went to and got some color values from the image. Third, I edited my theme’s CSS to use these color values. Then I mucked around with the theme images with an image editor, smudging the lines with the water droplet tool. Last, I uploaded the CSS and the images to the server.

Thanks to my friend Lenny Ramirez for the idea of using a beach image, and pointing out to me. He didn’t like the previous theme color scheme and was quite vocal about it! He was quite helpful with the ideas, actually. ** rolls eyes **

PJ GTalk — 11:54 PM

hey, I was thinking: how about I make a script that runs once a day, at midnight, submits to a picture tagged as “beach” from flickr, gets color values, then writes wordpress’s style.css with those values

PJ GTalk


Lenny GTalk

omg wordpress?
how dare u

Lenny GTalk — 12:00 AM

but hey the idea sounds like fun !

Lenny GTalk

how about the script works as the sun rises changing the color scheme based in the amount of daylight …lmao ….. just to hit the ball out of the park heehee

PJ GTalk

hmmm. are you gonna help or something?

Lenny GTalk

so if its midnight @ PR, yer site is black with white font ehehe
and the image is about nightlife, woot!

PJ GTalk


Lenny GTalk — 12:05 AM

and if things gets too easy u could implement changing colors with the seasons lol

Lenny GTalk

how about a script that updates the image based on the country that the visitor is coming from?? woot.. hey im on this programmer blog but the header image is from my country!!! weeeeeee hehe

PJ GTalk

that wouldn’t be so difficult

Lenny GTalk

what would make it really creepy is an image of their neiborhood and a pointer on top of their house rooftop lmao…look!! this is how safe you are in the interwebs!! lmao

PJ GTalk

ROFL! sweet

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2 Responses to New theme? Maybe yes, maybe no…

  1. wka says:

    As the photographer, I’m glad you like the photo. Thanks for using it!

    In the photo’s comments, you said “Let me know if linking back here is enough attribution, or if I should add a page with more specific details.”

    I see that you link back to the photo in the footer of each page of your blog. I think that’s definitely enough attribution.

  2. Notice that besides complying with attributing the original, I also mention my derivative is licensed the same way.

    Thanks for coming here and giving me your imprimatur. :-)

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