No more Thing A Week?

I just noticed my weekly $1 USD donation to Jonathan Coulton’s Thing A Week has been cancelled. I pay attention to all my Paypal notifications, 1) to catch any phishing attempts, 2) to make sure I really did buy what Paypal says I bought. I was surprised the weekly donation was cancelled by Jonathan himself and not by Paypal because of lack of funds or whatever.

I checked his site, and everything is alright. He is still putting new blog content out, and the Thing A Week podcast had a new song and all. Hmm, maybe I’m supposed to signup to the weekly donation again? Maybe I’m making a big deal out of nothing?

PS – This was in my drafts folder for a few days. I just noticed and published it. But it’s now moot, Jonathan and Thing A Week are doing fine.

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I have been goofing around with computers since May 1978, when I was about seven years old. For the past decade, I've even managed to have people pay me for this! Suckers! :-)
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