Another seamless upgrade, and visitor comments.

I upgraded to WordPress 2.0.4 in thirty seconds, just a few minutes ago. After login in as administrator and deactivating my plugins, those thirty seconds included SSHing in to my server and running this:

#making an in-server backup in folder blawg.bak

cp -r blawg blawg.bak

#backup the database

mysqldump -u user -ppassword database-name > blawg-backup.sql

# upgrade the wordpress files


tar xzvpf latest.tar.gz

cp -r wordpress/* blawg/

Then I visited (which I’ve renamed, suckas.) And that was it, really! Many thanks to the WordPress developers for such an easy upgrade.


A visitor sent me an email a few days ago, correcting my hack post for SSH tunneling of HTTP. Jim was his name, and he said that he wasn’t 100 % sure, but that he believed SSH only used the keys for authentication purposes, and that smaller session keys were created on the fly after authentication was successful. Therefore he believed the strength of the encryption wouldn’t be an order of magnitude better than SSL, as I claimed at the end of my post.

I am afraid Jim is correct. The session key size varies from one implementation of SSH to another, but they all support 168-bit triple-DES. This is the default for most OpenSSH installs on Linux and BSD these days. So while 168-bit triple-DES is believed to be better than SSL’s 128-bit RSA, it’s not an order of magnitude improvement.
Thanks Jim, for the correction.

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